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Since the 2002 inauguration of CT VENTURE, it has been our undying passion to search for wines that bring excitement to the saturated wine scene of Singapore. Our portfolio boasts of wines from Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and Chile to name but a few.

Announcing our premiere services under the umbrella of CT VENTURE.

Wine Storage
  Too many wines and limited space? Our walk-in cellar has space for you! With a capacity of over 200 cases of wine, we ensure that your wines are kept in optimum conditions at all time.

Wine Sourcing
  If your palate has experienced it in Singapore, we will most definitely get it for you!! If you tried   it overseas, we would try our darndest to bring it back to you!! We do have periodic shipments on fine wines from France and Italy, hence it might be wise to ship together to save on freight costs.

Tailored experiences with F&B Outlets
  Your taste, your budget but strictly our wines please! We would be able to organise a great dining experience with some of the best restaurants in town. An experience that will be amazed your guests.

Wedding Wines
  Call us to arrange for a tasting!

Our local palate is constantly for want of something new and different all the time. The introduction of a new wine of limited quantity every quarter, will have you craving for more.

With its personalized, prompt and complete services, our company is reputed as one of the best wine merchant in Singapore.

We would be most keen to have you be part of our expanding network of working partners. Please feel free to contact us at 6749 0235 or email at for any queries on how we can work towards successful partnership programs.

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