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With a new place, we are definitely able to offer more!

Below are the usual things we do.

Wine Storage - With our walk in cellars, we are able to offer storage in individual lockers up to 200 cartons of wine!
Wine Sourcing - We do have a wide network to get you the very bottle that you sought for. It is our mission to get our customers what they want, but without any promises that particular vintage or brand might be available locally.
Wedding Wines - Our experience in this field is unrivalled anywhere else. Your needs, hassle free arrangement, and our responsibility to make it happen with any error. Contact us for more information!
Tailored experiences   with F&B Outlets - We have the contacts to provide you with the most special experience, let us know your needs, and we make that happen for you.

Above are some of the most common things that we do, if there are anything that is on your mind but unsure whether we do them, give us a challenge to make it happen for you!